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Advertising your workshop/training


You are an ICF Member and you want to spread information about an event, a workshop or a training to more than 700 contacts interested in Coaching. Here is more information about our eAnnouncement offer:

contacter email

Please have a look at the ponsor box below . 

Note: the ICF Team is voluntary. There is no admin person, only dedicated coaches who work outside their professional schedule: an ad is an opportunity we offer and also a great way to support the events and dynamics of ICF in Luxembourg!

To prevent our contacts to feel overwhelmed by too many messages, Please be aware that you cannot send the same announcement more than two times in a year so for longterm visibility please use the sponsor box.


You can publish an ad in the Sponsor box* on all pages upon ICFL's approval

*You'll find this box at the bottom of the left sidebar

The filters for review are:

  • Impact on ICF brand
  • Conflict of interest
  • Sensitivity of the message
  • Relevance to coaching profession
  • Event’s, Workshops, Seminars have to be sponsored, animated or co-animated by the ICF-Member 
  • Advertising for BOOK, Articles etc. have to be written or co-signed by ICF-Member 


  • Payment must be received in advance (see our IBAN below)
  • Preparation lead time 2 – 3 weeks
  • Requested publish month will be considered if possible
  • Maximum time is 3 months, new contract is possible depending on available space
  • Animated advertisements: double price

Please send an email to mentioning:

  • Name, Address, ICF-Member Number (when applicable)
  • Preference of month(s)
  • image (png, gif, jpg) 180x180 pixels
  • CCEU's confirmation from ICF Global
  • Payment date